Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh-bama Mama! Is Barack Brainwashed?

The snooze media has pretty much given presidential wannabe Barrack Obama a free ride, but blogger Jon Swift is having none of it:
“The fact that we know so little about Obama is very suspicious. Ever since the docudrama ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ was released in 1962, presidential candidates have had to go through rigorous screening to prevent our enemies from slipping someone into the presidency and taking over the country. In the 1968 Presidential election, the first Manchurian Candidate, George Romney, accidentally revealed himself when he remarked that he had been ‘brainwashed’ about the Vietnam War and subsequently turned against the war. Luckily, he was drummed out of the race. But this year there are several potential Manchurian candidates. There is Romney's son Mitt, who may be trying to carry on the legacy of his father. Apparently, he was ‘brainwashed’ about gay rights. Then there is John McCain, who lost his last Presidential race when patriotic Vietnam War veterans accused him of being brainwashed when he was a POW because he led efforts to make peace with Vietnam. He has since undergone some sort of treatment and is now a patriotic American again, but there are still some who have doubts. The most likely Manchurian Candidate, however, is Barack Obama."

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