Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Net Neutrality: Alive & Kicking

With the Republicans in control of Congress, it appeared that the days of an open and substantially free Internet was coming to an end.
But with the Democrats now firmly in control, the concept of Net Neutrality is alive and kicking and legislation that bans Internet providers from charging certain sites for faster access -- or blocking other sites entirely -- will be reintroduced with a fair chance of passage.

This is a huge victory (in the making) for not just pint-sized blogs like Kiko's House, but anyone who values the Internet as a valuable tool in the democratic (lower case "d') arsenal.
Alexander Dryer provides an update at American Prospect Online.

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Anonymous said...

I am opposed to net neutrality as IMO it is merely unnecessary government regulation. I have been following this issue through my work with the Hands Off the Internet coalition and would like to share this article from Dr. Alfred Kahn. Kahn is a liberal Democrat and expert in markets and regulation who is extremely wary of net neutrality.

"Why all the hysteria? There is nothing 'liberal' about the government rushing in to regulate these wonderfully promising turbulent developments. Liberals of both 18th and 20th--and I hope 21st--century varieties should and will put their trust in competition, reinforced by the antitrust laws--and direct regulation only when those institutions prove inadequate to protect the public."