Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Cat Blogging

Meet Chin-Chin, the newest and a most unexpected member of the Kiko's House family.

Serendipitously and quite accidentally, this wee kitty arrived on the scene just as the beloved Kiko, the namesake of this blog, was leaving it.

Some folks down the road upped and moved out. They abandoned Chin-Chin, a house cat who had never been outdoors. The DF&C caught wind of the caper and put her heart of gold into luring Chin-Chin into her arms, which she was able to do after a couple days of leaving food and water for her.

We don't know Chin-Chin's original name, but ours seems appropriate because she doesn't seem to have a chin because of her markings.

There's a possibility that she had been abused, or maybe just was a runt with some fairly minor birth defects, because she's missing a fang and the whiskers over her right eye and her front feet are slightly malformed.

She also has no voice, which is to say that when she meows nothing comes out. This has made for some interesting moments. Like when she was accidentally closed in the basement but of course couldn't alert us to let her out.

Chin-Chin has a big appetite and quickly gained weight. She has zero interest in going outdoors -- and adores her rescuers.

The feeling is mutual.

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Deb said...


It irritates me when people abandon their animals. It makes me wonder about their level of commitment to everything. The lack of character is revealing, because it shows how quickly they will turn on someone else if benefits them.

They, of course, don't see it that way. They just rationalize it until they convince themselves that the one who is abandoned, will be able to survive.