Thursday, September 13, 2007

Abu Risha Killed: Huge Blow to U.S. Efforts

The much-hyped Anbar Awakening has ended with a bang for Sheik Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, President Bush's new best friend in Iraq.Bush had met with the sheik, a key figure in the U.S.-funded revolt of Sunni leaders against Al Qaeda, in a fly-by visit to an airbase in Anbar on September 3.
Pentagon officials say that the assassination of Abu Risha, who along with two bodyguards died in a bomb blast, is a huge blow to U.S. efforts because it sends a message the Sunnis who help Americans could meet a similar fate.
Suspicion for the deaths naturally falls on Al Qaeda, but Abu Risha was an extremely polarizing figure and was riveled by some tribal leaders for claiming to speak for all Anbar Sunnis.


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