Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nancy Pelosi Is an Idiot

Politicians are guilty until proven innocent.
-- ME
Given this adage, which has held me in good stead since forever, I can't recall a politician with whom I've felt completely comfortable. Joe Biden, the Democratic senator from Delaware, comes closest, but that's because we went to the same school together. Then there is Nancy Pelosi, with whom I would seem to share many left-of-center values if not her retro Nancy Reagan fashion sense.

But Pelosi (insert Sexist Reference Alert here) always seemed to me to be a condescending bobble-brained harpie, something that she has more than confirmed since becoming House majority leader in January.
So idiotic is Pelosi that I tend to ignore what she has to say. But when she alit in The Situation Room the other day to tell CNN's Wolf Blitzer that she deserves credit for "changing the debate" on the Iraq war and she and her Democratic colleagues were holding President Bush accountable, I was so dumbfounded that I had to confirm the references.

Why dumbfounded? Because of the reality that on Pelosi's watch 30,000 additional troops have been sent to Iraq and she and her fellow Democrats have pretty much given the president a blank check to dump the whole mess on his successor.
To make matters worse, Pelosi whined about how misunderstood and unappreciated she is.
Make that idiotic and delusional.
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Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi doesnt have a freakin clue.

Anonymous said...

I have no affiliation with either party but neither one of them is getting the job done, quit playing the blame game & get something done

Anonymous said...

After what nancy pelosi did today to stall bipartisan participation in congress, saying she is an idiot is being kind. Whether you are for the bail out bill or not really doesn't matter. No one who really has the nation's interest at heart would ever get up right before a vote and denigrate the other political party like that. There is a big difference between explaining one's disagreement with a bill and simply deciding that it was time to blame the other party for the problem. She should be ashamed.

Oh yeah, it was not a mistake that I did not capitalize her name. She is not worthy!

Oh yeah, I'm a democrat and today am very embarrassed at being represented by such an a-hole.

Mike at ReadyDVD said...

That's funny! I googled "Nancy Pelosi is an idiot" too. Look where it got me. I can't believe voters can't see how much of an idiot she is. I loved it when she tried putting a magazine (clip) into an AK-47 a few years ago (backwards). Oh, and I loved the comment a few weeks ago thinking that Natural Gas is renewable resource. She didn't have a clue that it's a Fossil Fuel. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

"Is Nancy Pelosi an idot?" will be the number one google search today. I will do another search...
Nancy Pelosi IS an idot.

Anonymous said...

Yes there is subprime and a gigantic credit mess yes the rescue plan should have passed but stop and look at the leadership of this country and suddenly everything becomes clear. Who is sitting at the top of our great democracy?

#1. Pres Bush - I am a Republican but even i admit - Bush is incompetent. He's wasted 8yrs and accomplished nothing but appoint 2 conservatives to the bench.
#2. Vice Pres Cheney - a nutjob who thinks he's right and everyone else is wrong.
#3. Speaker of the House Pelosi - who as many of you have a bona fide IDIOT of the first order. i have followed politics for a long time i have never seen someone with as much authority bring to bear on their job such a tiny brain. Did you hear Pelosi's latest credit for the decrease in violence in iraq - she credits Iran's "goodwill" ie bombing our solider less....look it up on the internet you will cry when you read teh interview.

With friends ("leaders") like these who needs enemies?

I am certain the chinese politburo the iranian clerical leadership they all huddle around a tv at night and crack up watching the evening news as they watch this band of idiots ruining our country and running it into the ground.

I love America which is why when i see such stupidity I get pissed. Could we please dissolve congress and the white house in this coming election and start again? I am talking revolution people!

Anonymous said...

you ALL are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First off, the last time I checked when someone has a job they must be qualified for that job and actually achieve some level of productivity when they perform the job. Pelosi fails drastically on both points.

Secondly, is she really the best this country can do for speaker of the house, because I'm fairly certain that she doesn't represent the majority of American's views either democrat or republican.

Lastly, what a sad state of affairs it is that SHE is third in succession for the most powerful position in the world. SCARY SCARY thought

Jarome said...

My name is Jarome. I grew up in Oakland and served 24 years in the army. As a black man and a native Californian....I hate Nancy P! She is out of touch and in my opinion, stuck on herself. However, she is just a reflection of the entire DC crowd. Would you hire any of these jello heads to run your company? Hell no! None of these dim witts have a clue about what is on the minds of Americans. How about some action to get people back to work? All I hear is health care. In my area jobs are in short supply. Get us back to work first! Time to send those crooks in DC a message. VOTE THE ENTIRE CONGRESS OUT IN 2010! Democrat, Republican or Communist......get rid of them all! You won't see any change voting the same types of people into office.