Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Catholic Blogging -- II

Then there's that crown jewel of Catholic higher education in America: Notre Dame University. A damned fine school with a damned pathetic football team that even my undefeated Division I-AA Fighting Blue Hens might give a run for their holy water.

Notre Dame is a pathetic 0-3 this season after being humiliated by Michigan 38-zip yesterday. It is getting what might be called its just desserts.

In 2004, Tyrone Willingham, the first black head coach in Notre Dame history in any sport, was unceremoniously and unfairly fired. He was replaced by good old boy Charlie Weis, who is wearing a pretty big dog collar these days because Notre Dame has now lost five straight games (going back into last season) by at least 20 points.

There is a God -- because this has to be a God Job.

Photograph by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

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