Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anthony K. Bento: An Untamed Spirit

Did you know Tony Bento? Probably not unless you went to Clairemont High School in San Diego or knew him from the old neighborhood.

At age 23, Army Corporal Anthony K. Bento was a seasoned and respected combat veteran who had accepted more responsibility early in life than most people accept much later -- if ever.

Bento was supposed to be reunited two months ago with his wife, Colleen, infant son Anthony and parents, Anthony and Penny Bento.

But his combat tour was extended by 90 days – a sadly regular occurrence as the Iraq war slouches into its fifth year -- and his stateside rotation date had been pushed back to late October.
Then on Monday the man whom Colleen Bento described as having "an untamed spirit that not even the Army or war could break" and his commanding officer called a selfless warrior who always made sure that his gunner's backside was covered, was killed by small-arms fire from insurgents in the north-central Iraqi city of Beiji.

Some 3,801 Americans have now died in Iraq.

Four days before his death, Colleen Bento wrote her beloved husband:

"I got your text messages this morning and you are soooo sweet! I love you so, so, so, so much! Only a few weeks left until I get to see you and give you kisses and move into our house and buy furniture. I'm so excited I can't stand it! Stay Safe."
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