Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Small Victory in Gun Crazy America

In a small victory for anti-gun forces, New York City has reached agreement with six more out-of-state gun dealers who have agreed to let court officials monitor their operations to prevent illegal sales of guns that end up in the city.
New York's novel approach to battling illegal gun traffic has been a big reason for its record low homicide rates. I commented on this bit of good news in a previous post, Crime & Punishment: A Tale of Two Cities, that explained why in contrast Philadelphia's murder rates are soaring.

Several gun dealers have countersued New York City, claiming that it is conspiring to harm their business. One of them, Adventure Outdoors of Smyrna, Georgia, is represented by Bob Barr, the former Republican congressman.

More here.

(12/11/06 UPDATE: Philadelphia's murder rate hit 384 over the weekend, four more than in all of 2005. Details here.)

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