Tuesday, December 19, 2006

'I Do. I Do. I Do Believe in Iraq'

I've been reading Attawie's blog for some time now, and the slow but sure politicization of this young Iraqi artist (and fellow Pisces) has been a sight to behold. Not a pleasant one, mind you.

Her most recent post:
“At my age, I know there's no such thing like Santa, or fairies, but in a moment I needed to believe anything said to me so I can come to believe that Iraq is coming back, and we Iraqis, inside and outside Iraq, would go back to live our ordinary lives again.

“Life seemed to be much easier before ‘liberation’. I know some people would say this is against the new Iraq's democracy but I believe we've all had enough of ‘the new Iraq’. We've seen children slaughtered, women deflowered, men dragged from their homes to their unknown destination, when the next day they can be found in a plastic case cut into pieces or thrown on the piled up garbage round the corner. Enough massacres and killings, enough hearing about tragic endings of loved ones, we have had enough.

“For so long, since the mandatory U.S. forces put their feet in Iraq, I knew that it's not going to get any better. I, somehow, kept debating with friends I've known since forever, that the United States' troops are not here to free us and give us democracy. Apart from the real reason, and apart from what lies they gave us, which by the way we have had enough of that too, I still hope Iraq would be better than ever. . . .

“I know this post might shock some friends of mine remembering my words about ‘I never talk politics nor religion,’ but it's for Iraq's sake. It's for the only home I knew. The only people I love. It's for the homeland which we talk about in our songs and sob tears for. Not for the houses which are being demolished. Not for the buildings which are being destroyed now. Not for the trees that are already cut and replaced by barriers. It's for Iraq.”

More here.

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