Monday, December 18, 2006

Iraq IV: A Recipe For Disaster

Victor Davis Hanson, who has been a reliable gauntlet thrower downer from the outset of the war, seems to be hitting the hard stuff again:
"If we add another 30,000 or so troops to Iraq, in a final effort to win the war, then we must change (widen) the rules of engagement. Only that way can America ensure that it simply does not create more targets for the insurgents, add a larger logistical trail, and ensure more Iraqi dependency on our soldiers.

"What would that entail?

"Putting Iran and Syria on notice that we will bomb terrorists flocking across their borders.

"Give an ultimatum to militia heads, especially Moqtadar Sadr, to disband or face annihilation from the United States.

"Expand the rules of engagement in all matters dealing with IEDs, with a shoot on sight rule concerning anyone found implanting or aiding such efforts."

Seems like the perfect recipe for a region-wide war, no?

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