Friday, December 08, 2006

Camille Paglia on Crotchgate

If I didn't know better, I would think super feminist Camille Paglia was being parodied in this interview on Crotchgate.
Alas, it's Camille, who is sounding positively . . . er, crotchety herself.
Read the interview here.

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Super-Amanda said...

This is very sad to read because what Camille Paglia fails to realize is that Madonna is the foreunner of raunch culture and has influenced Paris, Britney and all the other younger girls who Camille deems 'floozies."
Do you hate hardcore porn being brought to your 9 year old daughter by the media? Blame Madonna, who had nowhere to go but Skanktown and the media who made it rewardable. Ciccone has very little sheer talent-she is a poor actress and her singing voice-to say nothing of her wretchedly insincere speaking voice-is one of the weakest in the entire industry.
Madonna really made it by being the first media generated supe star; trashy, nasty to her fellow female performer (until she was too haggard and old to get away with it as often) and courting stylists, trainers and designers instead of working on her craft but most importantly the media has always seen her as a scared cow-be trashy, be vulgar and we will keep you famous,on magazine covers (has Beyonce ever had a Vanity fair cover?) loved AND respected they say. Thus her spawn followed suit.
Camille Paglia knows Madonna will never be a true glorious sex symbol, like Monroe, Ekberg or June Wilkinson and that she always cared more about money and appearance than sex but Camille still champions her because Madonna has the Catholic Church oozing out of ever pore and is an example of what the short, thick waisted, smaller breasted average Catholic woman with 'exploit my dead Mommy angst' can do. Camille sees and defends herself.
I for one like classy, talented well endowed women like Sophia Loren, Nigella Lawson, Kate Donovan, Super Amanda, and Kelly Brook who have class, mystery and vibrance and who have awesome bodies that they have not destroyed with exercise bulimia. Women like these have other stuff going on-like sex, sensuality and beauty!
Madonna: Camille's dream and Queen of the Wasted Faces and sweat shop labor HMS track suit lifestyle.