Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another Rogue For Giuliani's Gallery

Move over Bernard Kerik and Alan Placa. Make room for Hank Asher in the Rudy Giuliani rogues gallery.
ABC News reports that Asher (photo), a former cocaine smugger as well as a former business partner and present "close friend" of Republican presidential wannabe Giuliani, takes a star turn in the recent indictment of Orange County Sheriff Michael Carona on bribery charges.
Carona, dubbed "America's Sheriff" by talkmeister Larry King for how he handled the 2002 hunt for 5-year-old Samantha Runnion's kidnapper, is buddies with Giuliani and Kerik.

The indictment alleges, among many other things, that Carona and five associates, including his wife Deborah and mistress accepted gifts because of their association with Carona.
Among the goodies were two Ladies Cartier Watches worth about $15,000 each that were gifted by an "H.C.," whom ABC identifies as Hank Asher, an unindicted co-conspirator.
Kerik is a close Giuliani friend and former New York City police commissioner with numerous organized crime connections and legal entanglements. Placa was hired by Giuliani to work in his consulting firm after the priest was accused of sexually molesting two former students and an altar boy and told by the Roman Catholic Church to stop performing his priestly duties.

More here on the Asher story.

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