Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rudy's Really Big Skeleton

Politics is a dirty business and barring a late bid by the Flying Nun there probably isn't a candidate running for president who doesn't have a skeleton or three in their closet.

Then there's Rudy Giuliani, the Republican frontrunner by most accounts, who needs more than a mere closet for all of his professional and personal indiscretions and serial philandering. This is because Bernie Kerik, his most excellent longtime friend and associate, is taking up so much room on his own.

Bernie was Rudy's driver and bodyguard when he was campaigning for mayor. Rudy later appointed him to be Correction Department commissioner, he was police commissioner on 9/11 when the World Trade Center was attacked, and later did something or another for the by-then former mayor at Giuliani Associates.

Bernie also is the guy that America's Mayor recommended to President Bush to be the first homeland security czar although he knew full well – or should have known or didn't care -- that he:

* Illegally received tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and a loan from organized crime figures. Bernie later pleaded guilty to the charges and paid $221,000 in fines.

* Was banging his children's nanny while using a condominium apartment reserved for stressed out police officers for another tryst.

* Blew his assignment to rebuild Iraqi police forces after the 2003 invasion, leaving the job after only a few weeks and without explanation.

Going on the say-so of Rudy and George that Bernie was a standup guy, a team led by then White House counsel Alberto Gonzalez (isn't that rich!) did a shabby background check and the homeland security nomination had to be yanked when relevations about Bernie's misdeeds dribbled out.

Ahem. Just as Rudy's presidential juggernaut kicks into high gear, his goombah is back in the noose . . . er, news.

The New York Daily News reports that federal prosecutors are expected to file charges against Bernie on bribery, tax fraud and obstruction of justice charges stemming from a secret meeting that he had in a Tribeca bar with two officials who worked for Rudy. At the time, one of the officials was investigating a company that employed Bernie's brother, Donald, and the best man at Kerik's wedding, Larry.

Now I don't know about you, but after eight years of a president with some serious character issues and six-plus more years with a president who has his own set of problems, character should be a major issue in who gets the Republican nomination, let alone inherits the Oval Office.

On that basis alone Rudy should be disqualified and Republicans should run from him as fast as their sore feet can carry them. But I'm not holding my breath and you shouldn't either.


Kiko said...

War machinery ...

* Blew his assignment to rebuild Iraqi police forces after the 2003 invasion, leaving the job after only a few weeks and without explanation.

This had to be about weapons sales , imho. Weapons which are now being used by insurgents to kill our troops? And weapons that are being used as an excuse to blame on Iran?

Weren't Rudy and Bernie invested in the taser gun industry at one point? Just before every police and security guard in the nation (world?) became equipped?

Kiko said...

Ah, here we go. This is what was nagging me...

WaPo article:
[GSA Chief]Doan's husband and her chief of staff both have a military-intelligence background, and she has sold surveillance equipment to the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies -- so she knows how these things work.

Bernie hoped to be to HSD what Lurita Doan is to GSA. Funnel, Inc.

my rant on our southern border fence.