Friday, December 28, 2007

The Best Blog Posts of 2007

A particularly bad blogstorm
A newspaper is a boat, a highly evolved mechanism designed and built to float in water. Blogs are bikes, built to cruise in another environment. Now, you can pull a bunch of planking off a boat and add wheels and pedals, but that won't make it as light and maneuverable as a bike.
-- Terry McDermott, L.A. Times staff writer
Jon Swift is the finest satirical blogger out there hands down in large part because he seriously takes nothing seriously while seeming to be utterly serious. (I think.)

He has done a terrific service and massaged a bunch of egos in in posting "Best Blog Posts of 2007 (Chosen by the Bloggers Themselves)" over at his place, a marvelous comendium that shows the breadth and the depth of the blogosphere in all its quirkiness.

There will be some familiar names, including Yours Truly. Take some time and check out Jon's roundup here.

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