Monday, August 27, 2007

. . . While Bill Kristol Loses His Shit

William Kristol, the junkyard dog of the so-called intellectual right-wing, just gets nuttier and nuttier in his defense of the president.

Writing in The Weekly Standard, he concludes:

"[A]ll honor to George W. Bush for following in Reagan’s footsteps, grasping the nettle, and confronting the real lessons and consequences of Vietnam. The liberal media and the PC academics are horrified. All the better.

"As the left shudders, Bush leads."


Distributorcap said...

oh Kiko dont you know?

The Weekly Standard is an excellent magazine to pick up dog poop on the street with -- it even beats the New York Sun and Investor's Business Daily

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just snorted my coffee through my nose! Thanks a lot Shaun!

OW! ...OK ...Better now.

cognitorex said...

Last week seemed to be 'Slogan Week' on the net. As I mentioned, I think Kristol leads the gang (with Giuliani) that salutes this Bumper Slogan.

""If you're not afraid, you're a coward.!""