Thursday, August 16, 2007

Iran: The Gordian Knot Tightens

The notion that there could be anything resembling a popular uprising in the U.S. these days is silly. But what would happen if the Bush administration takes us into a war against Iran?

While I am not paranoid by nature (although I would appreciate it if you’d stop looking at me that way), evidence is mounting that the White House is seriously contemplating doing just that.

In its latest rendition of "9/11 Is Good For What Ails Us," the administration has carefully leaked its plan to link Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to the post-9/11 war on global terrorism just as it has with Al Qaeda in Iraq. You know, the meanies who flew hijacked jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

When conservative bloggers like Rick Moran start freaking out about this stuff, my palms get a little sweaty.

Moran, writing at Rightwing Nuthouse in a post titled "Tightening The Gordian Knot of War," says that the plan should come as no surprise:
"Does the Administration want to try for 3 straight? A perfect record of incompetence and futility? It simply boggles my mind the way many on the right are so cavalier about attacking Iran and getting ourselves embroiled in yet another conflict. As I said, it won’t stop with a bombing campaign. We will eventually be forced to go in and effect regime change.

"I would hope that there are enough sane people left in Washington to prevent this catastrophe in the making. The Gordian Knot of war is beginning to tighten. And no one in the Administration seems willing or able to stop it."
Today's assignment is to explain whether Cheney and Company can be stopped, and if they cannot, what the public reaction would be.

Pencils ready? Go.

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