Friday, August 31, 2007

Sgt. Princess C. Samuels (1985-2007)

I want to know why I'm planning a funeral while George Bush is planning a wedding.
--Anika Lawal, Princess's mother

Princess C. Samuels enlisted in the Army after graduating from high school in suburban Baltimore.

"We just wanted to see the world . . . and just get out of Maryland," said friend Jacqueline "Nikki" Ellis, who is serving in the Air Force in Guam. "We saw so many people that just stayed in there and never do anything else."

Sergeant Samuels, an imagery specialist in military intelligence, left for Iraq last winter after spending some time in Afghanistan. Last week she was killed in an attack by insurgents.

"She was a very vibrant and very happy girl," said an aunt, Kathy Smith. "She's always been very smart, very intelligent. She was sergeant at 21 - that says a lot about her."

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