Friday, August 24, 2007

Christ Almighty What an Outrage

Those famously uppity Malaysians are at it again.

A Malaysian newspaper is facing calls to shut down after it published an image of Jesus holding a cigarette and what appeared to be a can of beer.

Malaysia's Muslim-led government closed two publications last year for carrying controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, and now some members of Malaysia's minority religions say they want the same treatment over this latest incident.

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chamblee54 said...

The same picture of J-boi is available here. It is black and white without the party favors.
The site is interactive, and will provide a rip roaring minute of fun.

cognitorex said...

Three Speedy Ways to Mid-East Peace

1. Free of charge, flood Mess-O-Potamia with misogynistic rap CD's, low hip jeans, nipple and labia piercing Pierce-O-Matic guns, tattoo paraphernalia, (edible veils?) and other essences of the West until the youth rise up in a tsunamic fever of co-opted capitalistic consumerism.

2. Accelerate global warming until entire Mid-East is barren shifting desert.

3. Admit that Jesus was a goof.


Fran said...

Well I for one actually follow Jesus, albeit rather irreverently. Which is how I am interpreting his whole message.

To that end, I am thinking that JC would think that this is all a bunch of crap.

All this goddamn (yes i said that on purpose) fundamentalist bs will destroy us all. From all sides, from all sides.

Plus I think Jesus hates it when- in the words of fellow blogger Matty Boy says - when Jesus is portrayed as a Scandinavian Shampoo Model. That's waaaay more offensive than the beer and the smoke. He was a man of the Middle East - not Western Europe!

As far as it all goes- and for full disclosure, I am totally all for you do your thing and I do mine. I could care less about what your religion, if any, is.

Having said this, I will add these words from G.K. Chesterton to the end of this comment.But before I get to that to each their own- but church and state MUST stay separate! is my personal outlook.

"Jesus, for one, was witty, unpredictable, fully alive, and a person who delighted in, celebrated with, and was open to surprise. [I]t is safe to say that divorcing humor from religion is potentially destructive of true religion. Even when the separation is done with the best of motives, or in ignorance, the results are disastrous because we rob ourselves of the lightness and freedom necessary to notice and then to adore God. G.K. Chesterton

If JC showed up today the last people to recognize him will be all the self righteous jerks.