Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Halliburton: How Do We Hate Thee . . .

. . . let us count the ways.

It is poetic justice, or something, that the most loathed company in America is Halliburton and the moved loathed man in America is Dick Cheney, who headed the company prior to returning to Washington with a briefcase full of stock options and a smugness that would soon lead to an incalculable disaster in Iraq, millions of dollars in contracts there for Halliburton, and then sabre rattling against Iran.

My capacity for surprise has been severely debilitated in the last six years, but I nevertheless was taken aback to read that:
Halliburton is drilling for oil in Iran.
The company says that it's all legal, of course, but an investigation is underway that is focusing on whether it intentionally evaded the very sanctions that the veep has so enthusiastically backed.

More here.

Meanwhile, Cernig asks an interesting question at News Hog:
If their old boss Dick Cheney manages to get his way and the US attacks Iran, would Halliburton get government compensation for it's destroyed equipment and potential profits? If not, then maybe they know for sure something the rest of us can only wonder about concerning the likelihood of such an attack.
More on that here.

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