Saturday, March 10, 2007

. . . And Obama Gets Picked On

Heaven forbid that anyone believe that African-Americans should think monolithically like, say, right-wing Republicans do. But my mug is getting real frosted over the attacks on presidential wannabe Barack Obama over whether he is black enough.

Bacardi L. Jackson does not mince words in an "An Open Letter and Invitation to Thoughtful Brothers and Sisters in America" regarding this non issue:
"Rather than using his credentials and connections to build his personal wealth, Obama chose to pursue careers like providing job training for residents of poor neighborhoods, directing voter registration drives and fighting for civil rights. Unlike other candidates in the race, Obama has been consistent in speaking against sending our black babies to murder, and to be murdered by, brown people in the Mesopotamia for the sake of multinational corporate interests. He has successfully forged coalitions with people across racial and political lines to introduce a host of legislation that would, among other things, get guns off our streets, reduce greenhouse emissions, and limit the influence of special interest lobbyist on Capital Hill."
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