Friday, March 16, 2007

Democrats & The Antiwar Movement

We’ll be decamping (minus the cats) from Kiko’s House on Saturday morning to head down to the March on the Pentagon. As noted in the post below, this will be deja vu all over again for Your Faithful Correspondent, who attended the legendary 1967 March on the Pentagon as a young scribe.
The antiwar movement was in full flower by the third year of the Vietnam War, and one of the things drawing me to Washington this weekend is to see first-hand the state of what passes for an antiwar movement today.
A subset of this is whether the Democratic Party, which so slavishly supported the Mess in Mesopotamia until fairly recently, has become the de facto antiwar party.
My answer is yes, no and maybe.
Meanwhile, the BooMan offers a more nuanced approached at the Booman Tribune and uses a worthy experiment in Philadelphia local politics as a model. His nut graf:
"I think it comes down to this. There are those that are still committed to the Democratic Party, as a party. And there are those that are committed to the Democratic Party only as a vehicle. It is the only vehicle that has the potential to end this war and therefore an effective anti-war movement must operate within the party. But it can only be effective if it takes control of the party. And we can see our enemies more clearly now."
More here on who those enemies might be.

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