Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hey, She Coulda Worn a Burka to See Bill, But . . .

Jessica is pissed off and it's not Bill's fault.
Ann Althouse is writing about boobs . . . er, breasts, and her blog has been Instalanched with comments thanks to a link put up by Glenn Reynolds.
Ann's commentary and the comments are priceless and, she notes, the stuff that Women's Studies research papers are made of.
Meanwhile, Jessica "Feminists Don't Pose" Valenti, who is in the eye of this particular hurricane, is an unhappy camper, but is getting beaucoup "we feel your pain" comments from fellow travelers. Hey, it's a whole lot cheaper than psychoanalysis.

My own particular take on all of this? Glad you asked.
The human body is to be celebrated, both from afar and up real close. I love breasts. I also love neck napes, the soft spots behind knees, smalls of backs, ear lobes, the . . .

Jessica Valenti is, by my estimation, a physically attractive woman and is well aware of having been given that gift. She could have worn a burka to see Bill. She didn't.

Jessica is all the more attractive to this male because she's got a rockingly fine mind (I read her stuff) and is putting it to good use through a variety of worthy endeavors when not posing, er . . . standing.

I am reminded of our dear departed friend Oriana Fallaci, for whom I had the hots for many years. Oriana's beauty never left her. Should I feel ashamed because I celebrated her physicality as well as her greatness as a journalist provocateur?

Oriana had the whole package. The only thing keeping Jessica from having it is the ability to chill.

Chill, Jessica, chill.

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Shaun Mullen said...

A person less charitable than myself would call them feminazis.