Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beam Yourself Up to a Great Sci Fi Exhibit

If you are a science fiction aficionado and live within a reasonable distance of Newark, Delaware, then you'll want to beam yourself up to a fabulous new exhibit -- From Verne to Vonnegut: A Century of Science Fiction -- at the Special Collections gallery in the University of Delaware Library.

The exhibit, which runs through December 15, showcases the best and most interesting material from Special Collections' trove of over 25,000 sci fi works.
The works are arranged thematically by topics including utopias and dystopias, feminist science fiction, gender issues, African-America writers and alternative histories. There are many first editions from the collection, which is especially strong in Edgar Rice Burroughs, Samuel Delany and Kurt Vonnegut.
There also is a feast of artwork and ephemera, including movie posters, book jackets and sci fi pulp magazine covers.

The University of Delaware Library is five minutes from Interstate 95 and convenient for day trippers from the Philadelphia and Baltimore-Washington areas.

Go here for an online look at the exhibit. For information on gallery hours and other queries, call 302-831-2229 or email askspec@udel.edu If you collect sci fi stuff or postcards and would like a copy of the 5x7 postcard pictured above, email me at kikokimba@gmail.com, include your snail mail address and I'll beam one out to your end of the galaxy.

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