Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Republicans: Fire, Fire Raging All About

What happened to that legendary Republican ability to stay on message? From the ivory tower of National Review Online:
"Panics have a logic of their own. Once they ripple through a crowd, all reason is discarded. The Senate Republican caucus is in a panic at the moment, elbowing one another aside to follow Dick Lugar in calling for a change of strategy in the Iraq War. . . .

[O]pponents of the war are now willing to retreat from Iraq, no matter what the consequences. . . . That is what the panicked Republicans are steering us toward. Unless and until they get a grip, President Bush must do all he can to resist them."
I urge you to read the entire editorial, which asserts that there has been Shiite-Sunni reconciliation and Al Qaeda is in retreat. Simply amazing.

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