Thursday, July 26, 2007

Now That's a Lot of Manure

Many blogs get in a day or week the amount of traffic that Kiko’s House has generated in the year and a half since it first cut its teeth.
That noted, we passed a modest millstone . . . er, milestone this week in registering 100,000 page views from readers in some 115 countries.
Now that's a lot of manure.


Charles Amico said...

Congrats Shaun, a milestone indeed.

Brian said...


And I do understand the situation with traffic.

Sometimes I feel like I have wasted my time... Although I didn't have huge expectations for a lot of traffic when I started. But as a blogger you at least want a nice steady stream.

It is just annoying when I take the time to do decent quality posts, just to get a trickle of traffic and often zero comments. Then I go to other blogs and see posts that are a lot less intellectually rigorous or stimulating...yet they have several comments.

I guess it's all about what the visitors want to read. I guess the blogosphere is not all that different from the wider pop culture... where people tend to want to hear and see sensational stories about celebrities, the latest scandal... all the mindless Hollywood drivel... etc.

But I am not going to compromise on standards... I'll just deal with my trickle of readers.

I notice that you have not compromised either.

Luckily my blogging is just as much an outlet/hobby (enjoyment for me) as it is a source of information for the reader. So I would probably do it for myself... even if I had only 2 readers.