Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why Does CNN's Website Suck?

Any suggestions as to why CNN has what is undisputably the suckiest website of any major news organization?
It was slow enough before a recent redesign, but the load times are beyond ridiculous whether I use IE, Mozilla or Firefox from a variety of computers, several with DSL and the rest with super high-speed access from a major university.
Then once CNN's site loads, it frequently has dead links or gets you in a bear hug and you can't back out of it.
And you know what? I wrote this post while trying to load CNN and it's still l-o-a-d-i-n-g.


Anonymous said...

i totally concurr,you wud think they have the courtesy to try access theyr own site and see how slow it is but nooooooo

NaturalBornChiller said...

Yep. I am on a 100 kbit (KILO, NOT Mega) connection, and when I open cnn.com, all other tabs turn into "Your internet is broken" messages :)

Anonymous said...

Since being in Panama, on highspeed connection. I have no problem loading and reading other news websites.... But CNN neverloads, it takes about 3mins trying to load and then I get This Page Cannot Be Displayed message. It is beyond unprofessional.