Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama II: Losing Their Spit Over Hillary

The number of bloggers who are cutting loose from their moorings is rising expodentially as Barack Obama gobbles up one primary victory after another in his thus far unstoppable run for the Democratic roses.

A sampling:

Hillary sycophant Taylor Marsh, having picked out her gown for the inaugural balls, gets hysterical.

Gerald van der Leun forgets to take his anger-management medication.

The Field Negro says Michelle Obama may have cost the Mister the presidency.

Ted Bronson, in a not dissimilar vein, says there is much to be proud of in America.

Michelle Malkin notes that she and Michelle are both women of color, but that's where the similarity ends.

Cliff Kincaid says Obama has a Commie mentor.

Wind Rider says Obama's Marxist affiliations are numerous.

Doug Ross compares Obama to Stalin.

Daniel Larison says the Repubs have the Dems right where they want them.

Steve Soto says ditto.

Lawrence Kudlow says Obama's the man because he beat Clinton to the left wing.

And Larry Sinclair says Obama is a homosexual junkie.

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Anonymous said...

What about Larry Sinclair. The mentally challenged gay man that Obama raped in a Limo and did crack with in 1999