Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Personal Apology to CPAC & Ann Coulter

I have to admit that I've been wrong about the Conservative Political Action Committee inviting crazy people like Ann Coulter to their parties.

For far too long, society has marginalized the mentally deranged among us and with few exceptions like Theodore Brewster (photo) in Arsenic and Old Lace, who thought he was Teddy Roosevelt, we have literally kept these people locked away for generations.
So it was sort of refreshing when CPAC reneged on its disinvitation to Coulter, who far and away has been the most popular CPAC speaker (sorry, Mr. President) after appearances at previous annual meetings in which she hogged the spotlight with outrageous and sometimes obscene outbursts, thereby deflecting attention from the conservatives' more serious name calling.

And so there was Annie Got Her Guns on the CPAC podium yesterday soaking up the love and cracking gay and B. Hussein Obama jokes following President Bush's beyond droll stand-up comedy routine in which he warned that "Prosperity and peace are in the balance," as well as all of the other advances made on his watch, if Hillary Clinton or Obama were to be elected.
Now I understand why the most popular booth at CPAC was where they were giving away free Librium samples.

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