Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spare the Cod & Spoil the Child

When we last checked in on her, Chin-Chin was newly arrived at Kiko's House, a rescue kitty who was affectionate as all get out but a bit of a wreck.

We initially thought that she had been abused, or maybe was a runt with some birth defects, because she was missing a fang, a bunch of other teeth, and the whiskers over her right eye. Her ears and front feet also seemed to be slightly malformed and she had no voice, which is to say that when she meowed nothing came out.

It turns out that Chin probably was just malnourished. The teeth won't come back and we doubt that she'll ever meow, but as she gained weight her ears and feet grew out and her coat thickened and took on a lovely luster. She is far more energetic and, if possible, even more affectionate.

Chin does quite nicely on Purina Naturals chow and a tablespoon or so of wet food morning and evening as a treat. Here she's inspecting the latest catch with the Dear Friend & Conscience.

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