Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rudy Giuliani: The Teflon Don?

Has there been a presidential candidate in recent memory as ruthlessly corrupt as Rudy Giuliani? Not that I know of, which makes the fact that Republicans seem to be treating the dirty past of one of the party's front runners as a non issue an issue in and of itself.

Unless you spent the last few days in a cave, you know by now that in addition to all of Giuliani's other previously disclosed transgressions and indiscretions:
America's Mayor detailed several $100,000 a year New York City police officers to provide security to mistress Judi Nathan and her pooch while he still was married to Donna Hanover, whom he later announced that he was divorcing at a press conference without having first informed his ex-to-be.

Wait! It gets better. Giuliani billed obscure city agencies, including one that regulates loft apartments, for tens of thousands of dollars in security expenses, as well as made trips on the taxpayer's dime to the Hamptons to shack up with Sweet Judy Blue Eyes.
Giuliani's response has not been so much to deny the allegations, which are laid out in detail in a paper trail that includes city records, credit card bills and other documents, as to say that they're not his problem.
Adultery? Check. Misuse of city police officers? Check. Misuse of city funds? Check. Are many members of the Family Values Party ready to nominate this weasel? Check.

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cognitorex said...

Who paid for Monica's pizza?
Call out Ken Star, new grand jury, uproar...a very toe tapping bad boy.