Friday, November 30, 2007

That Dad Gummed Lefty News Media!

With 18.4 million users in October, the Guardian Unlimited’s website passed The New York Times website, with 17.5 million users in the same period, to become the most read English-language newspaper website.

Given the endless prattling from right-of-center commentators about that liberal mainstream media bias, what do these figures tell us?
* Do liberals fuel newspaper website growth more than conservatives?

* Are websites like these a guilty pleasure for conservatives?

* Are Americans looking more to non-U.S. websites for their news?

* All of the above?

* Or what?

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ellroon said...

Yes, probably, yes, and of course.

I used to read the Los Angeles Times from cover to cover, watch CNN, and the local news station. Then Bush happened.

I found others on the net in search of the truth we were no longer getting from our usual sources. It was so clear that we weren't being told everything.

Blazingly obvious questions were not being asked of our politicians. Idiot fillers were taking up news coverage time. Journalists were turning into stenographers.

I began to read blogs who would search the world for real reporting. It became clear that the supporters of the Bush administration had no desire to hear the truth, be presented with facts, follow any kind of logical process. Bald-faced lies, flipflopping, shifts in excuses why we were at war, must spy on our own, deny habeas corpus overwhelmed attempts to reason with these people.

The Guardian has been a rock in these tumultuous times. Another voice speaking truth to power.

What a relief.