Friday, August 18, 2006

Terrorism II: Jacques Chirac Is a Horse's Ass

French President Jacques Chirac is a horse's ass of stunning magnitude.

Having led the charge for a ceasefire in Lebanon, he has now backed away from putting up the big bucks to try to enforce it because of concern that Hezbollah is not prepared to disarm.

Kevin Drum at Political Animal says:
Please. Chirac didn't realize before today that Hezbollah was unlikely to disarm voluntarily and might present a danger to troops that tried to force its hand?

Let's summarize: Chirac personally rammed through the ceasefire resolution; insisted that it call for a U.N. force; did everything he could to imply that France would contribute several thousand combat troops; but in the end is only willing to stand up a 200-man military engineering company. Because Hezbollah might shoot back. And yet he still wants France to command the overall force.

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