Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nice Photograph du Jour

Despite the summer heat and lack of rain (around Kiko's House anyway), you can practically feel the cool waters of Van Campen's Glen in this photo by Ray Yaros, who considers himself a disciple of Ansel Adams, the great American photojournalist.
Van Campen's Glen is a glacially formed ravine lush with ferns and shaded by hemlocks, birch and maples in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in New Jersey. Van Campen's Brook, a tributary of the Delaware River, runs through the glen. (I'll tell you how to get there if you really want to check it out, but it's an ecologically sensitive area and day trip tramplers are a problem.)
Tech head footnote: If you're wondering how Yaros got the Adams-like effect in the brook, he used a Fuli Velvia RWP 4 x5 camera and ISO 50 film.

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