Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Mighty Wind of Another Kind

The sharp downturn in President Bush's fortunes can be attributed as much to the pathetic federal response to Hurricane Katrina a year ago as the war in Iraq or the myriad other disasters on his watch.
Never mind that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which belatedly and ineptly responded to the disaster, is in no better shape now than a year ago. Never mind that a Republican-led committee has recommended that it be put out of its misery because of the extent to which the White House eviscerated its effectiveness.
Never mind.

The Bush administration will be unleashing a hurricane of its own next week to try to counter Democrats' plans to use the botched response and the Gulf Coast region's painfully slow recovery in the November elections. The PR blitz will include a two-day visit to the area by The Decider himself.

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