Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Death Penalty For the JonBenet Prosecution?

From here on out, let's banish the term prosecution from anything having to do with the JonBenet Ramsey case. Okay?

The ineptness of these people from the outset of the murder investigation (failing to secure the crime scene, assuming that no family member was a perpetrator) is so profound that the whole bunch of them ought to be strung up from the big tree in front of the Ramsey's old house in Boulder, Colorado.
Did it not occur to anyone that a DNA sample should have been obtained from John Clark Karr before the dog and pony show in Bangkok?

That Karr showed all the signs of being an aggrandizing publicity freak who just happened to be a pedophile who knew some details of the case that had not been made public?

That Karr couldn't even make a case for having been in Boulder at the time of the murder?

Geez Louise!
You can read the prosecu . . . er, idiot's motion to drop the charges against Kerr here. (Reader discretion is advised.)

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