Monday, August 28, 2006

9/11 Anniversary: A Word From Your Sponsor

With the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks two weeks away, the media tsunami of coverage is breaking on the shore. Look out, because you're gonna get soaked.

Kiko's House will be part of the deluge, but we are determined to try to do our thing early and then run for high ground.

Here's our plan:

* Posts this week climaxing with a magnum semi-opus appearing on Thursday by Yours Truly titled Assessing the Bush Presidency on the 9/11 Anniversary (Or: Why No Stems Cells Were Killed in the Iraq War).

* That will be it for our 9/11 coverage -- unless news events dicate otherwise. We hope and pray that they do not.

* As is appropriate, coverage on September 11th will be a vitriol-free remembrance for the victims of the attacks.

-- Love and Peace, SHAUN

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