Thursday, August 24, 2006

King George II: A Peek Behind the Podium

A light bulb went off in blogger Bob Harris's head when saw this over-the-shoulder Associated Press photo of President Bush and the notes that he used at his press conference this week. Yeah, the one where The Decider said his administration was staying the course in Iraq and had never claimed that there was a link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11.

Harris used Adobe Photoshop software to rotate the notes and make them clearer.

His analysis:
First thing that leaps out is the semi-literate capitalization habits, but we saw that before in his note telling Condi he needed to wee. So, sigh, nothing new there. Moving on.

Some of the writing is too fuzzy to make out, but by blowing the picture up and fooling with the contrast slider, this much was pretty clear on the left side:

history not written capacity to shape
[two illegible fragments]
What I have found from talks
[illegible] majority

[strike-through] Don't want to split

Forces are united

Imagine how addled you'd have to be to need to actually write down reminders to yourself to burp up meaningless phrases like "history not written."

Ahem. Indeed.

More here.

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