Monday, January 28, 2008

A Lukewarm Endorsement For the Mittster

It seems appropriate that I got "trapped" in the comments section at Captain’s Quarters and couldn't get out after reading the 200-plus responses to Ed Morrissey's decision to caucus for Mitt “Earpiece” Romney in the forthcoming Minnesota caucuses. Ed had said previously that he would make no call at all, but in the end explained it had come down to Romney and Giuliani.
While many commenters applauded The Captain's about-face, there was the unmistakable feeling that both blogger and readers were trying to put a good face on what in my view is an extraordinarily weak Republican field.
I have an unabiding respect for The Captain although our political twains seldom meet, and it's obvious that he's got a whole lot of clout in the right-of-center party of the blogosphere and his endorsement is important. But Romney is such a transparent flip-flopper and latter-day conservative that Ed was left with little to praise him for other than his "executive experience."
Don't I recall another presidential candidate saying that he was the man because of his own "executive experience?"

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