Monday, January 14, 2008

Straits of Hormuz Incident: The Full Video

Cernig has it at Newshoggers and is not impressed with the U.S. spin:
"Yet again, we're left with the conclusion that Gates, Mullen et al have been handed political talking points by political spinmeisters desperate not to make Bush look a warmongering fool. Their statements are all about spin and ignoring actual facts to support Bush's contention that this incident was almost, but not quite, a causus belli - but that the next time will be. It was no coincidence that Bush was heading to the Middle East at the time, in part to try to drum up some support againt Iran from dubious Arab states. The incident occurred - fortuitously, from their point of view - and some political hacks decided to hype it into service as part of his push."
More here.

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