Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Our Continuing Google Blogger Hairball Woes

When is free expensive? When Blogger, which is Google's free blogging software, coughs up a big hairball and denies visitors to Kiko's House easy access during our busiest time of the day. That happened on Monday and things aren't a whole lot better on Tuesday.

We apologize.

For what it's worth, Mozilla Firefox continues to be the Web browser of choice for discerning Kiko's House readers.

We did a little experiment on Tuesday morning. We first loaded Kiko's House using Firefox. It took about five seconds. Then we loaded Kiko's House using Internet Explorer. It took . . . well, it's still loading.

IE is a well proven piece of crap. Firefox has a wrinkle or two, but it is much faster and more user friendly. You can download the new 2.0 version here for free.



gary said...

Hmm ... I tried Firefox and your blog still opens very slowly. I use just as many graphics but mine opens much faster, as do others I visit.

Candace said...

Your blog opened extremely slowly yesterday (on IE), much slower than other blogs. Today, no problem. Hmmmm. Don't know what to tell ya.