Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nice Photograph du Jour

The World Series is nearly upon us and I couldn't resist running a photo of the greatest post-season catch of all time -- Willie May's astounding full speed, over-the-shoulder grab in the fourth game of the 1954 series between the New York Giants and Cleveland Indians.
With Mays' catch, the Giant's clinched a four-game sweep. Jack Brickhouse of NBC-TV described it this way:
"There's a long drive way back in center field . . . way back, back!

"It is . . . oh, what a catch by Mays!

"The runner on second, [Larry] Doby, is able to go to third.

"Willie Mays . . . just brought this crowd to its feet . . . with a catch . . . which must have been an optical illusion to a lot of people.

* * * * *
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