Monday, October 23, 2006

The 885 Greatest Artists of All Time

The Beatles rule as the Greatest Artists of All Time.
We're referring to the 885 greatest musicians, composers and songwriters of all time as voted on by the listeners of WXPN-FM in Philadelphia.
The list is beyond eclectic, as the Top 20 shows:
(20.) Paul Simon
(19.) Elvis Presley
(18.) Johnny Cash
(17.) R.E.M.
(16.) David Bowie
(15.) Eric Clapton
(14.) Bob Marley & The Wailers
(13.) Van Morrison
(12.) The Who
(11.) Jimi Hendrix
(10.) Joni Mitchell
(9.) Pink Floyd
(8.) Neil Young
(7.) Grateful Dead
(6.) Led Zeppelin
(5.) U2
(4.) Bruce Springsteen
(3.) The Rolling Stones
(2.) Bob Dylan
(1.) The Beatles
'XPN is a great alternative music station in the fullest sense of the word alternative. It began counting down the 885 greatest on October 9.

To read the complete countdown list and listen in, go here.

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