Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Vote Is For Seamus Romney

I will briefly and but temporarily diverge from my well-seasoned antipathy over the coverage of every jot and tittle of the presidential campaigns to share the following story, which contains no references to religious underwear, cruelty to animals or the ability to manage a crisis.

There is a story making the rounds regarding a trip Republican presidential wannabe Mitt Romney and his family took from Boston to Ontario in its Chevy station wagon, date uncertain.

Before beginning the 12-hour trip, Romney put Seamus, the family's Irish setter, in a dog carrier and attached it to the station wagon's roof rack. He had built a windshield for the carrier, to make the ride more comfortable for the dog.

Romney’s oldest son, Tagg, sat in the back of the station wagon to try to keep an eye on the dog.

According to one account:

"Keeping his eyes fixed out the rear window . . . he glimpsed the first sign of trouble. 'Dad!' he yelled. 'Gross!' A brown liquid was dripping down the back window, payback from an Irish setter who'd been riding on the roof in the wind for hours.

"As the rest of the boys joined in the howls of disgust, Romney coolly pulled off the highway and into a service station. There, he borrowed a hose, washed down Seamus and the car, then hopped back onto the highway."

It will be fascinating to see how Hugh Hewitt spins this one.

More here.

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