Saturday, June 23, 2007

Iraq II: General Petraeus's Tarnished Stars

Many commentators have been reluctant to criticize General David Petraeus. I count myself among them.
For one thing, Petraeus comes off as an awfully nice guy for a four-star general. For another, he’s got the most thankless job in show business . . . er, the military in trying to resurrect the dead horse of a White House war policy in Iraq. For yet another, he’s presumably only following orders.
Now comes Dick Polman, whose American Debate blog is long on political insight and mercifully short on invective.

Polman takes a well aimed, and it would seem, well deserved shot at Petraeus, whom he reminds us was in charge of an ambitious program to train up the Iraqi Army in 2004. You know, the old They’ll Stand Up So We Can Stand Down thingie.
Dick says, in so many words, that Petraeus blew it.
More here.

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