Saturday, February 10, 2007

An Update on Iraq Chopper Crashes

I reported the other day on a disturbing trend: Multiple crashes of U.S. helicopters in Iraq that may have been brought down by insurgents using surface-to-air missiles.

Bill Roggio at The Fourth Rail all but confirms that the crash of a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter about 20 miles northwest of Baghdad on Wednesday was definitely the result of a missile hit. All seven crew members and passengers on board were killed.

Bill has an update and an Al Qaeda-supplied video of the crash here.

I urge you to watch and listen to the video with jihadist chanting and all. It shows in a horrifyingly direction way how insurgents can make the case that they are able to take on an immensely more powerful enemy and win.
Meanwhile, sources tell Bill that insurgent cells may actually be using the SA-15 Gremlin (or Strela 3) missiles against helicopters. This second-generation weapon is better at overcoming countermeasures and has increased range and flight altitude.

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