Friday, February 23, 2007

Revisting the Rumsfeld Gulag

Nearly a year ago, our pal The Scribe put up an interesting -- and ultimately depressing -- post at Highway Scribery on one of the few people pushing back against the Bush administration's efforts to dismantle the foundations of American jurisprudence under the guise of fighting the War on Terror.
She is Heather Rogers, an attorney who represents detainees in the Navy brig at Guant√°namo Bay, Cuba.
The piece, entitled: "Gitmo Girl (or Lady Lawyer in Yemen)," recounted the public defender's travels in Yemen in search of relatives of the purported terrorists she represents.

Rogers and colleague Stephen Demick recently participated in a symposium that traced the history of what I call the Rumsfeld Gulag, the global system of U.S.-run and supported prisons for terrorism suspects.

The Scribe reports on the symposium here.

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