Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can Barack Obama Heal Our Wounds?

Barack Obama has made it official: He's running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

This is what Polimom has to say about this less-than-unexpected development:

Obama’s theme — the underlying core message — is so radically different from what we’re used to hearing from politicians, I can’t help but respond to it. It’s a visceral reaction — a balm to a wound I didn’t even realize I had.

Of course, how he intends to implement his visions is another matter.

Health care, foreign policy, immigration reform — those aren’t trivial issues, and while I’ve seen him put his verbal finger smack on some problem definitions, that doesn’t mean I’ll be as excited about his proposed solutions. But I’m ready to listen.

Until recently, I was telling friends that I wished that Obama would wait for four years because he would be more seasoned. But that's ridiculous. The time is now!

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Moses said...

I thought the same thing. I know he would be good for the nation. Like you I'm definitely with his message, but his policy side seems very weak. I have read his first book and part of the second. I need to learn more, but I'm afraid that presidential election politics can be grueling and very personal. I hope he doesn't end up hurting his chances later if he doesn't get elected.