Saturday, May 24, 2008

So What If The Guy Can Walk On Water? But Can He End The War In Iraq?

This image of Barack Obama has been getting a good workout in the blogosphere. Some think it is very gay, others representative of his followers viewing him as a Messiah. Your take?


Jaliya said...

My first thought?...There's purple prose, and there's "purple art." Someone's got a crush! ;-)

jj mollo said...

It's very attractive, but I think it's pretty embarrassing. He's like some Hindu god, emerging out of the formlessness, all-wise and so holy that the unicorns and flowers spontaneously generate. I would definitely go with the religious inspiration more than the erotic, though that's definitely there. It might have been done as a joke. Do you know what city is depicted?

I'm just trying to picture it as a campaign poster for FDR, or Truman, or even JFK. Can you imagine?