Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Michelle Malkin's Caffeinated Jihad

Try to bear with me on this one (and excuse the fuzzy foto), but right wingnut Michelle Malkin is now extending her boycott of Starbucks to Dunkin' Donuts because teevee spokesgal Rachel Ray briefly appeared in what looks like a scarf that a Palestinian might wear.

As Edroso explains it at Alicublog:
"When Sadly, No! first tauntingly proferred the keffiyah thing to Malkin, I thought not even she is insane enough to actually take the bait. Now that she has, I'm beginning to get an unaccustomed feeling of Christian sympathy for her. What a small, strange world she lives in -- one in which even simple breakfast choices are fraught with peril. What are her lunch and dinner choices like? When she goes to a restaurant, does she peer into the waiters' station and wonder which dishwashers are illegal aliens and wonder which servers are gays who wish to be married? When she makes her own meals, does she claw through the fridge and pantry like Harry Caul at the end of The Conservation, frantically searching the labels for signs of politically incorrect associations?"
Hat tip to Back Alley Media

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Anonymous said...

since dunkin donuts pulled the spot/ads i have not purchased anything from them...and they sell donuts!! that was tough, but pulling an ad because someone might be offended by a scarf....REALLY??? i guess the terrorists did win...