Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Biggest Reason That Hillary Lost

Hat tip to Will Bunch at Attytood


slag said...

It's not just that she supported the war. We're used to forgiving that. It's that she regularly and loudly belittled Obama's anti-war speech. You just don't do that and expect liberals to support you.

jj mollo said...

Real life is about difficult choices. This Clinton speech is an excellent policy speech, expressing ideas and caveats shared by many of her Democratic cohorts. Her influence might even have been decisive, for which she suffers now. She took a risk and did the right thing. A fair assessment would have to conclude that she had carefully weighed the options and that she made the best choice she could have ... knowing what she knew at the time. I happen to believe it was the right choice, period. Obama didn't have to make a speech on this occasion, because he wasn't there.

Obama did make a defeatist speech at a latter time, however, at one of the most discouraging times during the war, like Horace Greeley, emphasizing the cost, questioning the Administration's motives, and proposing contradictory, impossible goals. Give up, but don't lose!

And the Obama delivery, it was the Voice of Concern, as of an angel sweetly asking after the welfare of your soul. But it was not helpful, and it was an easy speech to give at the time. I guess it was helpful to his career, though.